NEW YORK | 25 JUNE 2019

This June, the 2019 Art+Tech Summit: The A.I. Revolution, held in conjunction with Christie’s Education and presented by Hyundai, will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is making its impact in the art world, as well as addressing its potential implications for the future. Convening top tech minds and innovators from Google, M.I.T. Technology Review, the New Museum and more, the Summit will offer a comprehensive programme of lectures, talks and panel discussions on a topic transforming the global landscape.

 This year’s accompanying exhibition includes the New York premiere of a moving-image artwork Yugen, by filmmaker and artist Martha Fiennes, featuring the actor Salma Hayek Pinault and made possible with generous support by Gucci.

 World-renowned conceptual artist Kevin Abosch will be one of the spakers and he will show the new 'Line Work: NYC'.

'With “Line Work: NYC,” Kevin Abosch challenges the nature of identity while considering mobility within a densely populated city. With a handheld mobile device, and the aid of more than 100 remote cameras and other sensors in public spaces across New York City, Abosch collects terabytes of photographic and other data.

 A series of algorithms are presented with the data to be “emotionally distilled” but ultimately only serve to modulate the rate at which the artist’s computer generates a segment of a perpetually-growing horizontal line. As there is nothing visually in the line itself to suggest uniqueness, Abosch connects the temporal with the sacred while confusing the boundaries between artist, subject and computer.'

Ekaterina Vasilieva