Artory Announces Partnerships to Help Protect Digital Art

Kate Vass Galerie is excited to announce new partnership with Artory which enables the gallery to verify works on behalf of the artists we represent.

On display below ”Anonymous-warhol_flowers@Apr_16_16.08.26_2019” by artist Cornelia Sollfrank, Computer-generated with the help of the generator (

Potential buyers can see that a piece is validated, but the records are also available to the public to see.
“To me as a gallerist is very important to ensure that my clients can prove where they have bought the artwork and that work is authentic and belongs to them, crypto signed by both the artist and the gallerist.”

Artory’s other new partners include: CADAF, Khora Contemporary, DADA, and Artxcode. The digital art marketplace OpenSea and the creative technologists Larva Labs have also signed on. 

Thank you Barron’s for sharing this news! And special thanks to the founder and dear friend Nanne Dekking for this fantastic collaboration! More information here

Ekaterina Vasilieva